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I’m a cool guy with long hair.

     In my senior year of high school one guy friend used a part of a dialogue in the movie EuroTrip between the characters of Jenny, Scott and Cooper to reffer to my friendly relationship between the guys in my group and me. The conversation goes like this:

     Jenny: “Hello, I’m a girl.”

     Scott: “No you’re not.”

     Cooper: “Yeah. You’re a cool guy with long hair.”

     But it wasn’t always like this for me in any school. I’ve always been an introvert and suffer-in-silence type of girl, specially in school, making it difficult for me to make friends. As I grew up I’d hear older people saying that their high school years were the best years of their lives. As a child I thought that nothing besides education could come from school. Sometimes I thought they said such things because the were happy in school and had many friends, which was the exact opposite of me in elementary school and junior high school; but things changed in high school.

     I spent most of my summer vacation in 2002, before I began high school, getting mentally prepared to begin another stage in my life. Beads of sweat would form in my forehead and sometimes I’d bite my fingernails just by thinking of high school. On the first day of high school, in 10th grade, I was hyperventilating because no one I knew was going to be with me in the same classroom. I was the first student in the big and empty of people classroom, minutes later the classroom was filled with seventeen guys as they marched through the door one by one, and just one girl: me. I knew I was going to be the only girl in the group because this group was a vocational course called Technological Preparation, a course very unpopular with girls which gets three girls maximun some years.

     Tenth grade went normal for me: boring, not talking to anyone and being all of my free time alone doing homework or studying. As the year passed I opened up to my classmates and by the end of this school year I called most of them my friends. I even started conversations with them and spent time with them. I remember they’d tell jokes that most of them were out of line, the so called “red jokes” of sexual concepts or double meaning. When one of the guys said one of these jokes, or a “bad” word, when I was present one of them would say: “Hey, can’t you see there’s a lady present?”

     A day I’ll never forget is the first day of the school year in 2004, my senior year. It was the lunch hour of that hot summer day in August, I was with some of my friends, all boys, sitting under the cool shade of the big tree behind the school cafeteria talking about movies and they were telling jokes. I can’t remember the double meaning jokes, but I remember a conversation.

     Xavier said to Angelo “Deborah’s here, show some respect man.”

     “I know.” Angelo rolled his eyes. “It’s just that I feel that Deborah is like the girl from the movie EuroTrip. You know a cool guy with long hair.”

     “What do you mean? What movie is that?” I asked Angelo frowning at him.

     “What, you haven’t seen that movie? It’s like the funniest movie of the year.”

     Xavier, Angelo, Jonathan, Ruben and Roberth started telling me about the movie EuroTrip laughing so hard about it that I said that I wanted to see it. So next day Jonathan lent it to me. That same day I watched it. It was a very funny movie all the way, and some parts were disgustingly funny.

    So many other things happened that made me laugh and enjoy my time in high school. Out of all of those cherished memories, this one will stay in my mind for years to come. Now I can say that the high school years were the best years of my life.


College Education

As I grew up, I heard many people saying that being in college was the best thing that happened to them. Being the child that I was, I always thought that nothing besides education could come from college. So I asked some of them why they said that some answers were: “I had fun with some professor”, “I have many friends”, “What I’m studying is interesting”, among other answers. Even so, I still didn’t believe them, but there was a bit of hope in me that that would be the case for me. When I graduated from high school, I was eager to start high school and experience for myself if what they told me was true.

At first, when I started college my thoughts were “College is just another school where the education is more complicated than what it is studied in high school.” I’m not saying that what we learn makes us smarter, we just learn the knowledge we need so we can get prepared for a specified job that not everyone wants to do. If the student takes advantage of college education he or she can gain a lot, but if the student takes for granted college education then nothing can be gain and money can be wasted.

Now that I’m about to graduate from college, I have to say that I agree with some of the people that said that the college years were the best for them. I haven’t made many long-life friends, but I’ve had good times with those that I’ve met. And I really have learned many things that I didn’t know.

My name’s meaning and origin

This is what I found on my name, in the website, doing a Google search.

  1. Deborah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin menaing bee.
  2. In the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess who guided the Israelite forces under Barak to victory over the Canaanites led by Sisera.
  3. Deborah was a popular name in USA in the 50s, making it the second most popular name.

In spite of this, I got my name from ex-Miss Universe Deborah Carthy-Deu (1985), who won the title two years before I was born. My father gave me the name, first, because my mom got to name my older sister; and second, because he was infatuated with her, making jokes about her being his girlfirend.

Well, right at this moment I’m thinking that people should question themselves often and stop once in a while. By doing this we can stop our crazy life and think what is it that we’re doing or going to do. Let’s stop being robots living in autopilot, because everyday we do the same thing, and let’s be humans again reducing our speed and analyzing our course in the day. As a personal note on this subject, I’m a person that when I’m driving to college sometimes I ask myself how did I get here [a point in between my house and college]. In those times I feel that my car was on autopilot and it drove by itself, and instead on admiring my surroundings I go daydreaming. So, I realize that I live in a monotonous agenda.