I believe that everyperson that wants to work wants to do it with what their passionate about. Sadly, I’ve encountered many people who don’t like their current jobs, but they do it because the pay is good. I’ve also encountered people who are doing something they’re not passionate about, because when they started to do what they enjoyed it didn’t went well for them.

Take my sister and her husband, for example. She’s studied to be an elementary school teacher, she enjoys it by the way, and her husband studied to be an art teacher, who also enjoys it. What they also enjoy is the business they started together. He is very skillfull in the plastic arts, with almost every material. He takes solid colored shirts, polos, baseball caps, totes, and more and paints them with his created design, mostly around Christian and Puerto Rican themes. My sister does something similar, but with the computer. They really like that, and hope to open a store.

Now, my dream job would be to become an activity planner with my own bakery. I love planning parties and activities. I planned my mother’s wedding, with my stepfather of course, I even did the cake; I planned my sister’s baby shower, my own wedding, a family reunion of my family. All family activities, but it doesn’t end there. People who know have asked me for help and even payed me for my efforts. I have also done the activity’s cake.

I would be so happy to do my own business and that it becomes succesful, of course. So, I’m doing everything in my power to make my dream job a reality.