I’m not going to talk about that the end of the world as we know it is coming to an end, blah, blah, blah. So don’t worry. I’m going to talk about me and my upcoming graduation.

Finally! I’m graduating this June from El Colegio; after six long, long years. I even get somewhat nostalgic at the thought. This will be the End of my college studies and the Start of my life as a graduated student searching for employment in what I studied. Wish me luck, please.

I haven’t made many friends, but I’ve had fun these past six years, even though I haven’t seen any of my high school friends that study at El Colegio. I’ve enjoyed most of the classes, with Math being the only exception. I liked taking Chemistry, Biology and Physics, bust mostly I enjoyed Humanities, Social Sciences, English and Spanish. I have to attribute my enjoyment of the classes, firstly, to the professors and, secondly, to my classmates.

I  preferred taking classes late in the afternoon through the evening, instead of early in the morning. Not because I like to sleep in late; and believe when I tell you that everyday I wake up at no later than 7 am, even on Sundays; but because late afternoon and evening life on campus is nicer. With less people around campus in the afternoon the atmosphere is calm and serene. It also gave me time to do things I had to do and enough time to get prepared for college, because I like to take my time in getting ready, like most women.

So, I’m saying good-bye to El Colegio with a sad smile, because on the one hand I’m happy to finish college and happy to end with Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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e stress on studying and doing projects. On the other hand it kind of makes me sad to leave a place where I learned so much and enjoyed so much.