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Is Judgement Day Tomorrow?

Is May 21, 2011 the day that the world is coming to an end? As a Christian I doubt it, since the Bible declares that no one, not even the angels, know the date or time, only God. As a Christian, who holds her beliefs strongly, I believe that an event like this will occur, I just don’t know exactly when. I just have to feel prepared to go to God’s paradise in Heaven when His son returns for His believers. And in turn give this message to those who can hear me, hoping that they will decide the best thing for their eternal life.


Hello readers!

My full name is Deborah Leonora Maldonado Cuadra. I know it’s a long name and when I was a kid I hated telling anyone my middle name, not anymore. I come from the town of Maunabo in the South East corner of Puerto Rico, but right now I’m living with my husband in Guanica. Though I’m 23-years-old I’m very shy and it is very difficult for me to make friends or start conversations. I have to point out that this is my first time doing this, so I have zero experience as a blogger. Hopefully I will learn for the best.

I have written in different genres in the past, some because I had to some because I wanted to. I’ve written poetry for contests, but never did it good. The essays I’ve written have been for classes, those have been great on me, according to the professors grading me. I’ve tried writing short stories fo fun. Writing is a hobby of mine, so is reading, drawing, and watching TV.

I enjoy reading novels about romance, adventure, sci-fi, comedy, classics and some non-fiction. The novels I’ve enjoyed most reading are those where the writer takes you inside the novel and you feel everything the charcaters are feeling, I’ve found myself crying, laughing and mimicking the characters expressions. I’ve read some of Shakespeare’s works, Alexandre Dumas, Nathaniel Hawthorne, W. B. Yeats, Virginia Woolf, Emily Bronte and more English writers from different times in England, English writers are my favorites. I’ve also read American and Puertorican writers, but they don’t  interest me enough.

Something I really like doing is studying, learning and admiring different cultures, specially Greecian, Celtic, English, and others that have myths and gods. The paintings, sculptures and architectures are what interest me most, becuase they make me say “Wow!”

Another thing I like is admiring and searching for antiques, because I think they can tell  different stories. I like specially Victorian Period antiques, and everything about that period. The colors they used in that time were bold and rich, the forms were sensuos and the furniture spoke of elegance.

This is it about me … for now.